Dametreus Ward is the name, the artist & CEO of Meech213. I am pleased that you are visiting the official website. My mission is to deliver fashion/beauty artistically in portraits, while providing excellent personal attention and demonstrating a unique experience for each and every client. I am Originally from Milwaukee, WI and now located in Los Angeles California. 

I want to share something with you, I'm often asked this question when people see my work: "What made you get into this?" Well, when I was younger my mother loved taking photographs of the family; she would always ask to take a photo and like most kids, we (my bothers and I) would get in front of the camera. When I would look at the photographs, I always felt like something could be improved. At a very young age, I remember telling my mother that I disliked the photos and that I believe I could do a better job. I am a perfectionist by heart and I love my craft. As a teenager, I had several digital cameras that I would use. One day I told myself that I should save up for a professional camera, and become a professional photographer that makes a difference with my work. Well I have put that thought to life and sure enough, I saved enough money to get me a pro caliber type of camera, the Canon Rebel XSI at the time. My first experience using the camera was at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, which me and several friends in a summer program had decided to test it out.

I can admit when I got the camera I was excited and got to taking photos immediately. What inspired me was the fact that I just knew that I know how people would like to look in front of the camera and that the last thing they would like is a picture of them looking bad. I've been told several times that I have a great eye for the camera and to keep doing what I do. What pushes me is that I know where I want to go with this and I love seeing where I can improve to make my work better every chance that I get. I'm more than blessed and will continue to use this talent.

Favorite Quote -Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase. – Percy W. Harris





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